Sourgrass aka Pine Needle Trail Review

Sourgrass Trail - also known as Pine Needle Trail Review

Head East on Highway 4 towards Dorrington. Just before town take a right turn at the sign for Boards Crossing, follow the road to the Stanislaus River and Boards Crossing parking lot just passed the bridge on the left. The trail starts in the parking on the right hand side.

Starting through stream crossing, truck don't fail me know!

Starting through stream crossing, truck don't fail me know!


Sourgrass trail offers a little something for everyone. The trail is rated Black Diamond by the US Forest Service. Most obstacles have multiple lines ranging from moderate to advanced. A few of the tougher obstacles have no bypasses helping this trail maintain a tough edge. One no-bypass obstacle, the stream crossing which is a mile and a half into the three mile trail sends most stock 4x4's back the way they came. Wet tires and a steep rocky climb out makes this obstacle exciting - if you can do it. Lifted 4x4's with good ground clearance and a stacked rock or two should get through Sourgrass without any problems. This trail is tight but full size rigs can make it through with careful driving. Chances of rocker panel dings and brush scratches are possible for all. The trail traverses along the Stanislaus River and is quite beautiful; it dead ends at great campsites with secluded fishing pools.

One way trail. Drive back the way you came.

One of several rocky hill climbs

One of several rocky hill climbs

Difficulty on a scale of 1 – 10:
Trail rated 5 if you stick to the toughest lines.

Beautiful tight twisty trail

Beautiful tight twisty trail Lifted Colorado

Approximately 3 miles.

Which way should I go? 86 Jeep Cherokee Custom Rustys Lift

Which way should I go? 86 Jeep Cherokee Custom Rustys Lift

Bring your fishing pole

Bring your fishing pole

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2 Responses to Sourgrass aka Pine Needle Trail Review

  1. Vince says:

    Looks like a fun trail, I will have to give it a run. Is that a lifted Colorado?

  2. Jake says:

    Those are some great pics! Must have had one great spotter to thread those trees. Looks like that was one wicked tight squeeze! Love the Web Site!

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