Lifted Dodge Ram 2500 Truck for Sale

This 1999 Dodge Ram equipped with a Cummins Turbo Diesel has an 8 inch lift and plenty of off-road power. As many of you know diesels can run practically forever so at 123k miles this truck still has plenty of life left in it. UPDATE: Auction has ended. For more Dodge trucks go to Lifted Dodge Ram Trucks for more Dodge auctions.

This truck is located in Phoenix Arizona.

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3 Responses to Lifted Dodge Ram 2500 Truck for Sale

  1. Brandon says:

    Love the truck, im looking for a Cummins lifted but cant find one cheap anough

  2. Dustin Brewigton says:

    love this truck man…i just truned 16 and im lookin a truck and i want a damn good lift kit like this and cant find one where can i get one

  3. Gavin Strang says:

    Hi, im looking for a lifted dodge ram 2500 cummins diesel pickup truck, with 35″ tires, would also like twin straight through 4 or 6″ pipes up back of cab, 93 94 year. either black or red, thank you. Gavin.

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