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SlickRock Trail Review

Location: Northern California off Highway 4, starts at Alpine Dam. Turn at Lower Alpine Campground, drive passed Alpine Lake Dam. There’s a great fishing spot at the west edge of the dam, keep going straight, you’re now on SlickRock Trail. Trail Description/Hi-Lights: SlickRock is a very fun, advanced trail. Trail constantly changes between undulating dirt, rock gardens and granite slabs. This trail can be tight and twisty so long vehicles may need occasional 3 point turns. I’ve taken my full size Dodge truck through several times with no body damage but I did punch a hole in the tire one time and on my last trip (first time thru on 37 inch tires) I bent a tire rod getting out The Ladder. What the heck, it was rainy, muddy and a helluva lot of fun. Mildly modified 4×4′s can get through all but the last obstacle (chance of body damage should be considered). Many choose to turn around at the last obstacle (The Ladder) and go out the way they came. All up hill and a lot of fun. The last obstacle is borderline extreme. I’ve done it in 5 minutes and I’ve done it in an hour. Fishing and scenery is excellent. Silver Creek cascades along the trail and has some really nice brook trout in it. This trail is a must do for the fishing, hard-core wheeler crowd. Exit: When you hit the bottom of the trail The Ladder is straight ahead after the creek crossing. The right turn before The Ladder goes to a nice fishing pool. If you’re not comfortable you’ll need to turn around and head back here. Breakdowns and roll-overs have and do occur at The Ladder. After the obstacle there’s only about a half mile of trail left. You’ll come to some nice campsites on the creek. You’ll cross a tight bridge and climb one last rock garden. You’ll exit at Utica Reservoir (good fishing at dam between Utica and Union Resevoirs) and continue South about one mile. You’ll hit pavement, going left takes you to Spicer Resevoir or right takes you back to Highway 4. At Highway 4 turning left goes to Arnold/Sac and right goes to Markleyville/Nevada. Difficulty on a scale of 1 – 10: 5 going downhill, 6 last obstical or climbing back out (uphill) Distance: About 5 miles long, takes about 2 1/2 hours (or all damn day). Recently … Continue reading

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Lifted Trucks for Sale

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